How to Convert DVDs to Web Video


Do you have a video that was produced for your business, but it’s on a DVD and you don’t know how to put it on the web?  Is the video’s content still current and something that would be of interest to your customers?  I have good news — the effort you made to create that video isn’t lost. I can convert your business video from DVD and help you post it to YouTube or your website.

It’s not that long ago that DVDs were the main way we would deliver business videos to clients. They still work well for presenting a video at a seminar or workshop, but today the DVD has given way to web video.

If you’re considering converting a business video from  DVD to web video, the video is probably a few years old. I would recommend that you carefully go through the video and check for outdated information.   If necessary, I can edit the video content and remove any sections that are out of date. I can also add new content which will make the video more current. It might involve replacing some dated graphics, or adding some new contact information.

Once any changes are made, I will encode the video into a format suitable for YouTube, Facebook, or your website. I can also help you create a YouTube channel, if you’re just starting out with web video.

Here’s an example of a DVD that I converted for Abbotsford Community Services. We made a few changes, but most of the content is still relevant today, many years after it was originally produced.

[Video originally produced by CBC Vancouver for Abbotsford Community Services]