Marketing With Video

Information from media articles and videos on using video in your marketing strategy. I encourage my clients to learn about video marketing and really consider how to best use video in their business. I’ve collected some good introductory articles to get you started. Please feel free to give me a call or send an email with your questions.
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Canada Loves Online Video

Article from describes Canada’s world leading consumption of online video.

5 Steps To Better Online Video

Article by Ross Perich, owner of He talks about the need to make your videos creative and interesting. Just because we have cheap video technology available, it doesn’t mean you should post a lot of low-quality content. I agree — be selective and make your video worth watching.

58,000 Videos

Here’s a short video — on of over 58,000 product videos that uses on their website. Impressive use of video! Click on the “Video” button once the page pops up.

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