It’s important to get off to a good start on a project by putting things down on paper. Having a clear agreement at the outset builds a productive relationship.


Production Agreement

  • You can expect to be asked to agree to production terms and conditions before work starts. Details will be listed in a Production Agreement that you’ll be given on paper or provided via Email in PDF format. On small projects we may just exchange emails to confirm details.


  • On most projects over $300, a 50% advance payment will be required before work begins.
  • An invoice will be issued for each project. Terms: payment due in full upon delivery of the project.
  • For payment I accept cheques, cash, bank money orders, bank drafts, and credit card payments via PayPal
  • 5% GST  will be added to your invoice.

Copyright & Clearances

  • Ownership of materials isn’t always as obvious as you’d imagine. When a video is produced, the client is paying for the finished, completed project.  If the raw footage is needed, that can be arranged, but by default it is the property of the producer.
  • Music:  You must have permission, a license, or own the rights to use any music in your production. Any music that I provide will have proper clearance.
  •  Your continuing display and distribution of the finished video project is permitted only if full payment for the entire project is received.


  • During a project you’ll be given opportunity to take a look at the progress of your video. It’s very important to speak up and inform me if there are any problems or corrections. Look carefully at the spelling and accuracy of the graphics. They are easy to change in the editing stage. The draft version of your video will be securely uploaded to the web for your input. It will be password protected so only you can view it.
  • Several opportunities for changes will be offered while your project is undergoing editing.
  • You will be asked to view the final version and give your approval for completion of the project.
Technical Waiver 
  • While our video and computer equipment is properly maintained and tested, technical malfunctions are possible. In the event of camera or computer failure, loss, or damage, no liability is assumed. No compensation will be made for lost footage.
  • If only a portion of footage from an event is available due to equipment failure or loss of footage, a lower rate can be negotiated, or the project can be cancelled by the customer.
  • After a project is completed and delivered, in most cases video footage and projects will usually be stored and kept on file. However, there is no guarantee offered that your footage or project files will be retained.  If you would like a copy of your original camera footage please ask. It can be copied to a portable hard drive or a high capacity USB flash drive that you provide.

Responsibility for Content & Copyright

  • The content of the video is the sole responsibility of the client. You’re responsible for making sure that you have permission to use any images, video, sounds, or music that may be copyrighted by others.
  • If it is a commercial video, you need to be aware of the use of copyrighted images or items that appear in the video.

I appreciate your business. If you have any questions please call or email.