2013 Provincial Election

The Provincial election is one month away, and candidates are getting their campaigns underway.

Using video in election campaigns is more important than ever, but where do you start?  I believe the main benefit of using video is to help candidates personally connect with voters. Video can be effectively used to introduce a candidate to voters, especially when running for the first time. And if a candidate is well known locally, then video can be used to remind voters of their history of community involvement and service.

As the campaign develops, videos can be delivered via social media, websites, and links in email.  If you’re using social media, remember that posts with video content will get many more clicks than text-only posts.  I would also recommend creating a short video that can be displayed on location at events. Using a digital media player, a looping video can be displayed on a large flat screen HD monitor. Short video testimonials from prominent supporters and from regular voters can be very effective as well. Set up a camera at an event and invite people to record short testimonials. There are just so many creative ways video can be used in a campaign.

I will be offering video support to candidates from all parties. I’m based in Abbotsford, and will be available to candidates in the Fraser Valley and Metro Vancouver.

Keith Dobie