It’s important to get off to a good start on a project by putting things down on paper. By having a clear agreement before we begin production, most misunderstandings are avoided.

Production Agreement

  • You can expect to be asked to agree to production terms and conditions before work starts.  They are spelled out in a Production Agreement that you’ll be given on paper or provided via Email in PDF format.


  • On projects over $1,000 I’ll usually ask for an advance payment of up to 50% of the total project cost. This may be refundable in part, depending on how much production has taken place.
  • As a small company I keep things simple. For payments I accept cheques, cash or bank drafts. I don’t accept electronic payments with the exception of PayPal. It’s possible to use your credit card and make a payment through PayPal.
  • When I send you an invoice, it’s not like getting a bill from your cable company or utility where you may take 30 days to pay. My terms are always immediate payment, so please send it along right away . . . and thank you!
  • I will always issue an invoice — no discounts offered for payments in cash.
  • HST will be added to your invoice. Here in British Columbia, that’s 12%.

Copyright & Clearances

  • Ownership of materials isn’t always as obvious as you’d imagine. When a video is produced, the client is paying for the finished, completed project.  If the raw footage is needed, that can be arranged, but by default it is the property of the producer.
  • Only copyright cleared, royalty free music is used. I’m sorry but I can’t use that favourite song you downloaded from iTunes — unless you have negotiated the rights to it.
  •  Your display and distribution of the finished video project is permitted only when full payment for the entire project is received.


  • During a project you’ll be given opportunity to take a look at the progress of your video. It’s very important to speak up and say if there are any problems or corrections. Look carefully at the spelling and accuracy of the graphics. They are easy to change in the editing stage.
  • Several opportunities for changes will be given, and then a final OK will be needed for your approval of the final version of your project.
  • The draft version of your video will be securely uploaded to the web so you can take a look. It will be password protected so only you can view it.

Responsibility for Content & Copyright

  • The content of the video is the sole responsibility of the client. You’re responsible for making sure that you have permission to use any images, video, sounds, or music that may be copyrighted by others.
  • If it is a commercial video, you need to be aware of the use of copyrighted images or items that appear in the video.

We appreciate your business and thank you for your attention to the terms and conditions of our services. If you have any questions please ask.