Ready to create a powerful video for your business? I provide professional HD videography at your location, anywhere in the Fraser Valley or Metro Vancouver. Recording is in full HD using a Sony professional video camera. Service includes videographer, camera, microphones, tripod, lighting, and all the other gear needed for a shoot. A production assistant can also be provided.

Before any video production takes place, we will develop a plan for your video. The time spent in the planning phase depends entirely on the type of project you have in mind. For some productions such as a seminar, we can go over the details on the phone. For a scripted video with a spokesperson and including interviews, it’s best to meet in advance and plan your video in detail. With a plan in hand, the next step would be arranging for the location video shoot.

Using video will benefit your business. Take a look at the list below to see the many potential uses for video in your business or organization. I also invite you to visit the demo video section on this website.

I am enthusiastic about using video in business — from sales and marketing to employee training and special events. I bring more than 15 years of experience in TV and video production. My experience in studio production, mobile sports, and production of news features means that I will bring a professional attitude to your project. I have a creative but practical approach, and I look forward to helping you use video in your business or organization.


Creative editing is what separates your video from the competition — it adds a powerful impact to your message. In the editing process many different elements are brought together to create a seamless finished video. These could include additional photographs, motion graphics, animation, full-page graphic titles, name titles, sound effects, music, narration, and stock footage. If you would like to be closely involved in the editing process, I welcome your close collaboration.

No video footage? An effective video can also be created from just photographs and graphics. Don’t be put off by the idea that you need video clips in your project. It helps — but it’s not always necessary. I have produced videos for some customers using only photographs that they provided and graphics that I created.

Whatever your needs, I will listen and make sure I understand what you want from the finished project.


So now what? Your video is complete and you’re ready to put it on YouTube. Wait a second! YouTube may seem like the only choice, but there are other ways to deliver your video to your audience. From DVDs to mobile video, you have a lot of options. I will help you find the right solution.

I keep up to date on web video developments, so keep an eye on my blog posts for the latest techniques.

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Here are some of the ways business owners and organizations use video:

  • Video marketing for business
  • Video recordings of seminars & speakers
  • Videos of special company events
  • Product demonstrations
  • Live video projection screens for events
  • Recruitment and job fairs
  • Informational “message” videos by organizations
  • Instructional videos for products
  • Employee training & orientations
  • Store or factory tours
  • Employee recognition videos
  • Business promotional videos
  • Website videos

This list only covers a few of the many ways that businesses make use of video. There are many creative and interesting ways to use video, and with the availability of web video, your creative idea can easily be seen by a worldwide audience. Please contact me if you would like some assistance in exploring options for using video in your business.

I also can provide video services for individuals. This includes:

  • Family memory videos. Record a loved one talking about childhood memories or family experiences.
  • Special family events such as family reunions. For example,  I recorded a 100th birthday party.
  • Videos to help sell large items such as houses, condos, boats, RVs